1 OR 8

The cuisine at 1 OR 8 is a reflection of our eclectic food experience being from Japan, where traditional dishes coexist with those originating from around the world often transformed with a Japanese touch. We are free-styling Japanese food our way in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Little known quality sake and natural wines from around the world are also on the menu for a unique pairing experience.



A Shusen is a master drinker. It is a long road to become a master. It takes exercise, study, but also important is to enjoy the process.

A Shusen truly enjoys a good quality drink, is curious and loves to learn about it, any kind of good drink whether it is wine or sake or any other variety. It is a fun and noble attitude about drinks. It is LOVE. 

SHUSEN CLUB is a gathering of master drinkers that we hold once in a while, with a theme not limited to sake but covering any quality alcoholic beverage. It can take the form of a sake study (tasting the actual sake of course!), a pairing dinner, a wine fair, a meeting with the producers... The possibilities are unlimited. 

* Upcoming event:

Monday 2/09, 7pm - 9pm NATURAL WINE FAIR

40+ kinds of natural wines are going to be opened for a tasting. Most are from our list, but not all. Guest wine maker of the day is Abe Schoener of the Schollium Project. $75 for 10 wines + finger food. Tickets are on sale through Resy.


(The regular restaurant service and menu is not available on this day)