1 OR 8

The cuisine at 1 OR 8 is a reflection of our eclectic food experience being from Japan, where traditional dishes coexist with those originating from around the world often transformed with a Japanese touch. We are free-styling Japanese food our way in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Little known quality sake and natural wines from around the world are also on the menu for a unique pairing experience.


If you live or work in the neighborhood, we just started a simple lunch, available Tuesday through Friday 12:00 - 2:30. Designed to go, but you can also have it at the bar.

The starting menu is:

* Karaage Don (fried chicken over rice) + miso soup  12

* Hamachi Don (yellowtail over rice) + miso soup       15

* Kale/Seaweed salad       9

* Miso Soup                       3.5

* Edamame                        3.5

More to come!