1 OR 8

The cuisine at 1 OR 8 is a reflection of our eclectic food experience being from Japan, where traditional dishes coexist with those originating from around the world often transformed with a Japanese touch. We are free-styling Japanese food our way in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Little known quality sake and natural wines from around the world are also on the menu for a unique pairing experience.


Thursday 12/27/18, during dinner time:

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki will be served, along with a fun sake flight from KAMOIZUMI, a Hiroshima sake brewery.

Hiroshima style is the one with noodles - batter not mixed but rather layers of taste. We will serve on this night only, a classic version and a deluxe version with oysters in it. Hiroshima is well known for its oysters, so naturally, it sometimes shows up in okonomiyaki too…

(Our regular menu is also available on this day)